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In the past the ensemble performed in trio and quartet format. This year the ensemble will be presented in the format of vocal sextet with addition of more ancient instruments and new original music.

Origo (origin in Latin) seeks since 2011 to give life to the manuscripts that time cannot erase.


In this 7 year journey, the female vocal ensemble from Porto, Portugal, was presented at the most important Medieval Fairs and Historical Recreations in Portugal.


The first album "Radix" (edited 2014), with medieval songs from the Iberian Peninsula, obtained the blessing of music critic.


In 2017 Origo went beyond borders, namely Germany and France in festivals, medieval and renaissance events, and singular concerts at historical venues.


In their performances the ensemble interprets acapella medieval and renaissance repertoire, great part with original arrangements conceived by Sónia André for Origo.


These musical pieces arranged or untouched gain body through the primordial instrument - the voice.


The repertoire includes the most important composers in Europe of the medieval and renaissance era.


The performances involve the audience in a primarily auditive sensory journey, where stories from other times are sung.